Mini Bio

  • came to London with his family from Australia at the age of three
  • studied Biology at the University of Nottingham and has a real passion for people and culture
  • started his photography career working for rebound fashion photographer Ram Shergill
  • established the photo agency Tucker Images in 2017
  • loves learning about different cultures and societies and strives to convey the best messages possible through his photography.

Most loved book…

I’m a fan of things that last. Winnie The Pooh is one of those that is quoted over & over and shows no sign of going out of date.

Favourite artist/photographer/painter right now…
I gain inspiration from anywhere I look, this is the same with what I enjoy looking at. So far I am yet to fail to find something in each exhibition I visit that inspires me. My most recent artwork came via our guests at our wedding who helped us purchase a stunning oil landscape showing the wilder side of north Wales. Its by Gareth Parry. Stunning.

Artwork you would appear on…
I would happily sit for an oil painting, the time and effort portrait artists go to when painting from a real life person as opposed to a photograph is unbelievable. They also really do show off the essence of that person.

Talent that you wished to have…
I would love to be able to sing, you can evoke all sorts of emotions just from a few simple notes.

Most inspired by…
Anyone and everyone. I love people watching, learning about the different ways people interact and live their lives.

Style icon…
I love a style that lasts, currently I suppose that would be Matt Smith and Eddie Redmayne.

What makes you feel glamorous?
Black Tie. You’re always in for a great time when that is the dress code.

What makes you laugh?
Dry humour always gets me, and if it is subtly put into conversation all the better.

Personal motto…
Enjoy the moment. “Live in the present and plan for the future.”

Success is…
People returning for more. Whether you run a restaurant, sell a service or earrings, if someone comes back for more then you know something is working.

What is your most treasured jewellery possession?
I have a watch that my father gave me when I turned 13, I have had to have it fixed a couple of times but it is worth every penny.

Which pair of Hermata is your favourite one?
Having been privy to the back story to each designer something stood out when photographing the sea urchins. As an Australian I love the water and someone taking the time to find near identical urchins and to then have the skill to show this off as beautiful jewellery is wonderful.