Mini Bio

  • born in the Caribbean but left her beautiful island for France as a teenager
  • has been living in London for over 20 years
  • self-taught artist who took up brushes only a few years ago following a strong urge to paint
  • started with figurative painting then went into abstract work using oils mainly.  The strong, bright colours she uses are reminiscent of the island she comes from
  • keen pointillist who forms images using ink pens and by making hundreds of dots
  • lately has been exploring watercolour as another medium.

Most loved book…

The Bible as it never gets old in my view!

Favourite artist/photographer/painter right now…
Harmonia Rosales.

Artwork you would appear on…
On one of H. Rosales’ paintings as a strong woman.

Talent that you wished to have…
Sewing in addition, for all the things I would do if only I could!

Most inspired by…
All the strong women out there.

Style icon…
Any woman who looks good without having to bare too much.

What makes you feel glamorous?
A clean, timeless look.

What makes you laugh?
My children’s jokes are the best.

Personal motto…
Live life to the full but hurt no-one.

Success is…
Doing what you love doing.

What is your most treasured jewellery possession?
Silver studs.

Which pair of Hermata is your favourite one?
The Green Chandellier Earrings by Queen Calliope.